Thursday, 14 August 2014

I've been on a bit of a sewing rampage recently and baby/kid things are quicker (and more fun) to make so here are the fruits of my labour:
a drawstring play mat (using almost all my leftovers of my jelly roll, 
inspired by this and other images on the web)

a cover for my new scissor collect, thanks Sal!

a baby bassinet (inspired by this) with my own version of a mattress and pillow

From 101 Ways to Sew a Metre (let me know in the comments if you'd like a tutorial on it) 
a foldaway apron tote, the ribbon strings are adjustable too

 this has to be my favourite- wings!! (based on this)

 barbie clothes (inspired by this)

 a personalised peekaboo flap thing, (inspired by a similar one on the web), using punch hole pockets as photo holders

This may not look awesome in the photo, but \I'm pretty proud of it considering I made it completely from scratch with no assistance from any tutorials (unlike the other projects in this post)

my ovelocker decided to eat a bit of the neck though...

Brilliant bandana baby bibs (see here to make your own)

 yet more bibs, my friend (who I gave one for her daughter's birthday) said the button closure was really useful as her daughter pulls off velcro ones.

 baby tag blanket

Phew! Well, that kept me busy, I wonder what I shall make next. I was thinking about a cooker playmat...

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